EB Duet,  

Musical duo from Malaysia,

Consists of Eve Wong as the Vocalist,

and Billy Ho as the Guitarist/Producer.

Born and raised in the tapestry of diversity in Malaysia,

both Eve and Billy have a rich repertoire from Jazz to Pop, evergreen classics, both local and international in multi-lingual flavours to engage and entertain any audience.

Their musicality and their unique blend and interpretation bring forth a presence that fills the air with simplicity yet leaves the audience with a profound experience.


Their debut album "The Beginning" has released on 11.11.2015,

after three years of preparation and recording since 2012.

"The Beginning" , presents a selection of timeless classics of Jazz Standards that transcend time, with their own arrangement and interpretation of all the classics.

It has received many good reviews  on&offline for their unique vibes and Eve's mesmerising voice.

Over the years, the album not only recommended by the local music stores,

It has also received  international order online, selling worldwide to Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, Singapore Canada, New Zealand and more.


This genre/crossing duo got their big break

after doing a cover of P. Ramlee’s classic  ‘Getaran Jiwa’

which went viral and was subsequently featured as the song

for a NESCAFE advertisement in conjunction with World Coffee Day.

The video garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube, catapulting this duo into the public eye. 



 AirAsia commissioned the duo to compose the song "COME WITH ME"

as theme song for ASEAN 50th Anniversary 

and shoot the music video in the 10 countries of Asean over 27 consecutive days.


The duo have completed their second album "I've got a song for you". The new album recorded 11 new originals written and produced by themselves. It also featured original version of "come with me", the song they wrote for ASEAN 50th Anniversary, collaborate with AirAsia in year 2017.